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DIRPG | Shamrock | Mud Run by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Mud Run :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 5 1 DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest XI by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest XI :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 4 3 DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest X by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest X :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 4 7 DIRPG | Shamrock | The Aftermath by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | The Aftermath :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 8 3
DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest IX
‘I have never seen a buck with white in his coat.’ Keira commented as they resumed their careful advancement through the dense forest. ‘Me neither. How about you, Lonan?’ Sham asked, looking back at the old raven, who had now taken place on the stallions back again. ‘Yeah oi’ve seen dem before, wouldn’t consider it pure common, or positive for their survival.’ The black bird admitted.
Keira ducked under a branch and avoided a cluster of roots at her feet. ‘I think it looks nice.’ She stated, quickly glancing back at Sham. ‘The combination of white on brown is… uhm…’ The filly trailed off suddenly and then went silent as she quickened her pace a bit. Sham hardly noticed as he too ducked under the low branch and watched his feet.
It still took the two horses and raven a few hours to reach the place where they had last seen the piebald buck. Though the cervid was nowhere in sight, there was at least a smal
:iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 1 2
DIRPG | Shamrock | Main Quest VIII
The sandy forest floor was dry, it hadn’t rained in a while and soon dust stuck to their hooves and pasterns. The ground between the densely stacked trees was littered with dry pinecones, brown fir needles and dead branches. There were some sprouts of younger pines, but no ferns or grass. There simply wasn’t enough light reaching through the canopy.
The absence of light or shrubbery made the shadows under the trees seem even darker. Grey rock, like they’d seen on the cliffs, seemed to sprout from the uneven ground as well. They had to be careful where to put their hooves if they didn’t want to trip over the gnarly roots or loose stones. Which was extra tricky because there was no easy pathway they could follow.
Keira had taken the lead somewhere, since she was a tad more aware of her surroundings and still a size smaller than the young stallion. Which clearly worked in her advantage, letting the yearling navigate easily between the closely stacked trees. They di
:iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 1 1
DIRPG | Shamrock | Random Event III by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Random Event III :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 11 DIRPG | Shamrock | Companion Scout I (2/2) by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Companion Scout I (2/2) :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 7 7 DIRPG | Shamrock | Companion Scout I (1/2) by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Companion Scout I (1/2) :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 2 DIRPG | Shamrock | Mare Claim Attempt V by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Mare Claim Attempt V :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 5 1 DIRPG | Shamrock | Ain't No Mountain High Enough by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Ain't No Mountain High Enough :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 7 1 DIRPG | Shamrock | Jump Around by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Jump Around :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 4 1 DIRPG | Shamrock | Random Event II by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Random Event II :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 5
DIRPG | Shamrock | Random Event I
It was warm. Even when night had fallen, the air stayed warm. The shallow brush they had found as shelter for the night was quiet. As if even the crickets found it too warm to make a noise. Shamrock yawned and looked at Keira. The filly had dropped herself on the grassy ground and was fast asleep, her chest heaving with deep breaths. They had walked a lot, uphill for part of the way and in the heat it had been exhausting. Lonan seemed to be the only one unaffected. The black bird was resting on a nearby branch, his head tucked back into his feathers. The young stallion felt his own eyelids droop, when suddenly a sound made his head snap up.
A faint howling, high pitched and almost careful. It stopped short, but it had sounded close by. Sham was awake immediately, his ears swiveling to capture any further noise and his nostrils flaring. He raised his muzzle, trying to catch a scent on the breeze. ‘What is it, lad?’ Lonan asked concerned, watching the now restless horse. Sham
:iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 0 4
DIRPG | Shamrock | Mare Claim Attempt IV by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Mare Claim Attempt IV :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 3 DIRPG | Shamrock | Rhust Fanart by waterdrup DIRPG | Shamrock | Rhust Fanart :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 7 8


Daily Painting 1747# Sloth Butts - Mushrooms by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1747# Sloth Butts - Mushrooms :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,153 50 Daily Paint 1746# Sloth Butts - Roses by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1746# Sloth Butts - Roses :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,970 87 peacock butterfly by Wilithin peacock butterfly :iconwilithin:Wilithin 13 6 Mother Of Cats by kiki-doodle
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Mother Of Cats :iconkiki-doodle:kiki-doodle 92 4
Le Papillon by Yuukon Le Papillon :iconyuukon:Yuukon 543 38 Frosty kristal mushrooms in the morning sun 1 by MT-Photografien Frosty kristal mushrooms in the morning sun 1 :iconmt-photografien:MT-Photografien 167 48 Shoot for the Moon... by ManitouWolf Shoot for the Moon... :iconmanitouwolf:ManitouWolf 17 4 GFP - Character Design Sale by Cat-Orb GFP - Character Design Sale :iconcat-orb:Cat-Orb 99 43 King {SEE DESCRIPTION} by robynhood629 King {SEE DESCRIPTION} :iconrobynhood629:robynhood629 18 36
Random Events
Random events are a way for your stallion to encounter various things in the Divine Isles' world. As the name suggests, random events are RNG'd so you could be rolled anything from an animal encounter to a Rose Quartz drop, bad weather to a potential new herd member! 
Random events are optional and can be responded to with either Literature or Art. 
You can request up to 2 RE's a week. Requests reset at Midnight, GMT
Art must be a minimum of partial body with a bg
Literature must be 400 words minimum
You can only send your lead stallion or lead mare on random events
Random Events with multiple choice will require art or lit to progress,
events without multiple choice will not require any.  
Please request one from the admin of your choice int he comments with the format
Stallion/Mare  --- Area --- Companions
[ Go here to request a RE
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Di | Claimable Horses Thread
To stop the design logs from clogging up, all claimable threads have been moved here! This will be updated every time there is a new horse available for claim!
Please see to this journal to find any horses available for claim!
Please click the link below their design to see their entry threads!
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waterdrup has started a donation pool!
795 / 2,346
I want to save for a Premium Membership, but I also give points to other people who need them, so every point is appreciated!! Thank you very much :3

Also, llama's!

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I was tagged by Cat-Orb

Featuring my OC Midori :la:
Maisling Ref - Midori by waterdrup
(I've never done this before but here goes!)

What gender are you?
I’m a girl :3

What is your age?
I was born in April so I’m just a couple of months old.

Do you want a hug?
How about a tail shake ^^

Do you have bad habits?
Uhm, I can be impatient I guess, but other than that I don’t think- oh look a butterfly!

What is your job, if you have one?
I don’t have a job, I’m busy with my hobby though :3

What is your favorite food?
Hm, I’m not a picky eater, but I guess I like simple food that can be eaten on the go.

Are you a virgin?
What kind of question is that?

Have you killed anyone?
What!? No!

Do you hate anyone?

Do you have any secrets?
I might :3

What's your favorite season?
Definitely Spring! When everything starts growing again ^^

Who is your best friend?
I… I actually don’t have a best friend yet…

What are your hobbies?
Gardening! I love working with plants, searching for new seeds, drying herbs and flowers and learning their properties. In the colder seasons I like to play sports to keep busy.

Are you nice or mean?
I’m nice, really, I mean well.

Are you social or shy?
I’m not shy… I’m just a bit independent.

What do you think of your parents?
Mom is very pretty and sweet and dad can be really funny, I like them a lot ^^

What's your weakness?
Winter I guess. I can get really sad and gloomy from the barren state of nature, I need to distract myself or find a way to go into hibernation x3

What do you do on a regular day basis?
As soon as the sun is up I want to go outside and tend to my garden, whatever the weather. After that I might go for a swim or wander around the Pond looking for interesting seeds and plants.

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
Well I love my parents of course, but no one romantically yet.


When was the last time you cried?
Now that I think about it, I haven’t cried yet.

Are you crazy?
Hmm how about fascinated?

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Oh uhm, Green Gall! Saviour of nature x3

Now to tag others, I tag....

And anyone else who feels like doing this 8D




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