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DIRPG | Shamrock | Side Quest I
By the time Sham started to slow down he was panting hard. His hooves hitting the ground in a steady rhythm. The young stallion loved to run, but he had travelled a fair bit these past days without a lot of rest. Now that the adrenaline from the chase ebbed away he could feel the exhaustion return. Sham had veered off from the grass covered plain and was running parallel to the forest. His eyes searched the darkness between the trees, but he had lost the dogs out of his sight a while ago. Sham allowed himself to slow down to a walk, gasping for air. He turned his body to take a good look at the horizon behind him. Trying to catch his breath as his eyes and ears strained for any sign of the canines. He wanted to believe they wouldn’t follow him this far, but he was not familiar with dogs.
While his ears tried to hear past his own ragged breathing he picked up another sound. Water. His attention was immediately drawn to it. Sham eyed the forest again. He didn’t like the prosp
:iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 1 5
CotM60 - SPRING :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 6 19
DIRPG | Shamrock | What is a dog?
You’ve been travelling for what feels like forever. You stop to rest but are rudely awaken by the sound of wild dogs, they sound pretty vicious and large in number. What do you do?
A] Run, Flee
B] Hide, head for the bushes, then search for shelter.
C] Follow the noise and attack
It had been the first warm day in weeks, spring was certainly coming around, he could almost smell it. Shamrock enjoyed the breeze that brushed past him as he lazily stepped forward through the tall grass. He had covered quite some distance and was now seeking the cover of the tree line for some much needed rest. The tired horse listened to the singing of a blackbird as he neared the first, thin trees on the edge of the forest.
He paused, looking up. He couldn’t see the bird and his eyes shifted to the sky, where the few strips of cloud turned a pale pink in the light of t
:iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 1 6
.:Divine Isles:. Shamrock :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 11 17 The Last Parade :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 11 16 Tucan Design Doodle :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 4 11 My Precious :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 6 15 Tango's Tub :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 6 14 Family Snuggles :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 5 10 Dashing Through The Snow :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 9 Midori's Valentine Card :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 7 11 Wishful :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 5 12 Shyness, Shagmoth And Sea-creatures :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 8 10 Welcome! :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 16 14 Silver :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 3 3 Double Trouble :iconwaterdrup:waterdrup 7 9


Raider :iconsilverti:Silverti 19 2
DiRPG | snag
The trap wouldn't budge, and the fox seemed less and less convinced that it would ever come open the longer JC worked at it. He pinned his ears, continuing to try to pry it open. The golden mare stood off to the side, ears swiveling nervously and nose up in the air, tensed and ready to bolt at the slightest implication of danger.
"Why so nervous?" he asked her, and she jumped a little at the sound of his voice. He studied her carefully, taking in her features as she stood rigidly, not looking at him but around at the forest surrounding them instead. There was worry evident in her eyes and posture, flinching each time there was even the slightest noise, or when a stray twig off a nearby bush poked her lightly in the flank or shoulder. She looked thoroughly paranoid.
"All the smells. It all just smells like danger and fear," she said softly, looking around as if something would fly through the bushes and punish her for revealing it. "I have a bad feeling." She shifted her weight from foo
:iconfoxbourne:foxbourne 2 2
Divine Isles Map :iconlucid-dimensions:Lucid-Dimensions 17 15 Kashmir | diRPG :iconfeathercandy:FeatherCandy 36 18 DI | Rhust :iconcat-orb:Cat-Orb 63 23
Character Creation | Applications Closed
Character Creation:
To get started in Divine Isles you may create one stallion [stallion only as a starter] reference. We may introduce starter mares eventually but not now.
A full body image must be supplied to see the stallions color and markings. Please use the group's sourced background for your characters reference. You can have a transparent background if you wish. You may use free line art, your own lines or the group’s own supplied stallion lines HERE. Shading is not required and is actually urged not to! That way we can see your stallions colors better!
We DO allow you to bring DA created realistic breeds to the Isles, as long as they are naturally colored and realistic! [No Drakes, Padros, Nordanners etc]
A full body image is still required to allow players to view your stallions design.
Unrealistic breeds that have characteristic like; wings, horns, extra limbs,
:icondivineislesrpg:DivineIslesRPG 19 93
The Divine Laws | Rules
The Divine Laws
Group Rules + Role Play Rules
Laws of the lands set in stone by the Divines.
General Simple Rules:
Please read through these carefully to full understand the group and how things will work.Please respect that us admins can not run to submissions every 5 seconds. We work too.Work together! Please no fighting or bitching.Be respectful! Especially to your admins and fellow members. Disrespect will not be tolerated!Bullying of another deviant will not be tolerated - Straight up ban.This is a free to join group, although your stallions must be accepted first to begin playing!Questions can be sent via note or added to comments, an admin will happily answer!No art theft!PG rated RPG.
Character Rules:
Character reference can use free lineart / bases. All other artwork must be your own!This role play game is semi-realistic, so please keep your horses as natural as they come,
:icondivineislesrpg:DivineIslesRPG 7 23
Collecting and Earning Diamonds and RoseQuartzs

You can earn diamonds in game and then spend them at Voulndr's shop. You can receive diamonds from random drops and events, but the easiest way to get them is to draw your character OR write about them. See below a list of how much each bit can earn you; List can change at any time!
Reference: 100 Diamonds
Headshot: 2 Diamonds
Partial Body: 5 DiamondsHalf Body: 10 Diamonds
Full Body: 20 Diamonds
Colored: 2 Diamonds
Shaded: 2 DiamondsDetailed Shading: 5 Diamonds
Plain Color BG: 2 Diamonds
Drawn Background: 5 DiamondsDetailed Background: 10 Diamonds
backgrounds cannot be reused 
Story: 2 Diamonds every 200 words
Drawn Herd Members Partial: 4 Diamonds Per horse
Drawn Herd Members Full Body: 8 Diamonds per horseCollaboration Bonus: 5 Diamonds
Featuring another players stallion: 5 Diamonds
Having your stallion featured: 5 Diamonds
Role Play Bonus: 5 Diamonds
Main Quest: 10 Diamonds
Side Quests: 5 Di
:icondivineislesrpg:DivineIslesRPG 11 33
Why Wont You Love Me?!! | Claim Attempt 2 :iconeverlastingstables:EverlastingStables 17 32 DI | Rhust | Herd Log :iconcat-orb:Cat-Orb 33 4 diRPG | Breeding | Some time alone :iconfeathercandy:FeatherCandy 25 5 The Divine Isles Map :icondivine-admin:Divine-Admin 8 0 The King of the buttons :iconsajocosangel:SajocosAngel 6 12 House Making part 3 (End) :iconxxterraheartxx:XxTerraHeartxX 14 20 Pond Parade 2017 :iconthesnowdragon:TheSnowDragon 16 14





waterdrup has started a donation pool!
795 / 2,346
I want to save for a Premium Membership, but I also give points to other people who need them, so every point is appreciated!! Thank you very much :3

Also, llama's!

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I was tagged by Cat-Orb

Featuring my OC Midori :la:
Maisling Ref - Midori by waterdrup
(I've never done this before but here goes!)

What gender are you?
I’m a girl :3

What is your age?
I was born in April so I’m just a couple of months old.

Do you want a hug?
How about a tail shake ^^

Do you have bad habits?
Uhm, I can be impatient I guess, but other than that I don’t think- oh look a butterfly!

What is your job, if you have one?
I don’t have a job, I’m busy with my hobby though :3

What is your favorite food?
Hm, I’m not a picky eater, but I guess I like simple food that can be eaten on the go.

Are you a virgin?
What kind of question is that?

Have you killed anyone?
What!? No!

Do you hate anyone?

Do you have any secrets?
I might :3

What's your favorite season?
Definitely Spring! When everything starts growing again ^^

Who is your best friend?
I… I actually don’t have a best friend yet…

What are your hobbies?
Gardening! I love working with plants, searching for new seeds, drying herbs and flowers and learning their properties. In the colder seasons I like to play sports to keep busy.

Are you nice or mean?
I’m nice, really, I mean well.

Are you social or shy?
I’m not shy… I’m just a bit independent.

What do you think of your parents?
Mom is very pretty and sweet and dad can be really funny, I like them a lot ^^

What's your weakness?
Winter I guess. I can get really sad and gloomy from the barren state of nature, I need to distract myself or find a way to go into hibernation x3

What do you do on a regular day basis?
As soon as the sun is up I want to go outside and tend to my garden, whatever the weather. After that I might go for a swim or wander around the Pond looking for interesting seeds and plants.

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
Well I love my parents of course, but no one romantically yet.


When was the last time you cried?
Now that I think about it, I haven’t cried yet.

Are you crazy?
Hmm how about fascinated?

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
Oh uhm, Green Gall! Saviour of nature x3

Now to tag others, I tag....

And anyone else who feels like doing this 8D




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